Light mature female loli makeup fresh after not losing 90

Who said that Lori's age can't be fresh and cute? Today, this dating cute makeup is fresh and lovely, yet feminine, definitely better than Xiao Loli.

Light mature female loli makeup, dressed up fresh and not lost 90

Su Yan female transient fresh beauty

PART1: Suyan female transient fresh beauty

The beauty of the poetry-like dream can be seen that the skin is in good condition, the skin is fair and even, but it looks plain and ordinary.

However, the effect after applying makeup is not the same. Not only does it have a cute feeling when dating, but also has a fresh style. According to the person's own words: "Although it is no longer a loli, but occasionally a small fresh can still be wow."

Light mature female loli makeup, dressed up fresh and not lost 90

Eye makeup

PART2: Charming eye makeup quickly enlarges the power of both eyes

The first thing to paint is the eye makeup: a gradient of purple and yellow. The blue is used to emphasize the contour at the end of the eye, and the upper face is similar to black.

Purple is used for the end of the eye and the lower eye, and yellow is used at the position of the eye to make the eyes appear bright. Then focus on using the eyeliner to add an inner eyeliner at the pupil's position to make your eyes more attractive.

Light mature female loli makeup, dressed up fresh and not lost 90

Feminine makeup

PART3: Feminine lip makeup brings a feminine touch

1. Lip concealer, only a good lip base can draw a good lip makeup. 2. Lipstick is applied with your fingers. During the application process, it feels slippery. It spreads like a gelatin, and slowly dyes the lips into blush. 3. Match the same color of nail polish to make the entire cute date makeup more refined.

Daren introduces lip makeup experience: choose lip balm, you must choose moist, do not dry, otherwise the lips look very exposed age. This lipstick adds avocado, which makes the entire lip balm moisturized. The second is to choose the color, the color of this lipstick is 39, soft honey rose; there are several other color numbers: No. 11 caramel young orange, No. 27 coral rose, No. 33, velvet powder, in fact, several colors are Very beautiful, dreams feel soft red rose for dating makeup, just choose rose red.

Light mature female loli makeup, dressed up fresh and not lost 90

Products Recommended

PART4: A good tool for you to add brilliance

Glamorous eye makeup articles

1. Sephora four-color eye shadow 104 yuan

2. Sun and Moon Crystals and Eyes 385 yuan

Feminine lip makeup articles

3. Avene essence lipstick 180 yuan

4. Guerlain touches the heart lipstick 310 yuan

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