Huida Zhijie: To have your own brand culture

唐山惠达陶瓷(集团)股份有限公司 销售总监 蔺志杰

Tang Zhihui, Ceramics (Group) Co., Ltd. Sales Director Qi Zhijie

[Reporter]: What factors do you think a good brand needs?

[蔺志杰]: First of all, we must have a certain history. This is the most authoritative standard for testing a brand. Only the brand that can stand the test of time is an excellent brand.

Second, we must have our own brand culture and have a good brand story. Corporate competition in the 21st century is partly a contest of corporate brand culture, because corporate brand culture is the brand's mind, the soul of the brand, an excellent enterprise and will have its own unique corporate brand culture.

Once again, we must have a strong publicity and promotion team to effectively convey the meaning of the brand and interpret it. The promotion and promotion personnel play a vital role in shaping a good brand.

In addition, there must be a clear positioning, quality products, and an easy to remember brand identity and popular slogan.

[Reporter]: In this era when the wine is also afraid of the deep alley, brand promotion is more important. Which channels does your company mainly promote?

[蔺志杰]: In recent years, Huida Group has launched a series of national designer exchange forums with the theme of “New Vision New Design”. Further deepen the exploration of designer resources, improve the design level, grasp the pulse of the times, and then consolidate the brand position, and achieve effective promotion and promotion.

Our main channel promotion method -

Print media: Like some well-known sanitary magazines and magazines, there are some more authoritative newspapers in the ceramic industry. There are advertisements on the top, and some corporate news or soft articles will be released in each issue.

Online media: Opened its own official website, blog, posted on some forums, made advertisements on some well-known websites, and increased the promotion of Weibo this year, and released news in QQ group;

TV media: Advertising on CCTV's ratings.

[Reporter]: In the face of fierce competition, the difference between a successful brand and a low-cost imitator is that it can provide more and more inspiring things to customers. Can you talk about innovation and service? the opinion of?

[蔺志杰]: With the increasing exposure of the sanitary industry in China, the ability of technological innovation has become one of the important criteria for measuring whether an enterprise has international competitive strength, and whether a company can really become bigger and stronger. Cornerstone. The ability to innovate has gradually become the magic weapon for each company to survive and develop for a long time. Without innovation, the enterprises that adhere to the rules will eventually be eliminated by the market. In the 21st century, science and technology are the first productive forces, and the capital of mutual struggle between enterprises. In addition to their respective innovative capabilities, Huida has actively participated in innovative R&D in recent years, established R&D institutions in various locations, and the “Maglev” series exhibited at the Frankfurt exhibition in Germany in March this year, with its innovative internal strength and The perfect combination of high technology and beauty has won the recognition of all international exhibitors and visitors.

In addition, the service quality is a touchstone for testing whether the enterprise is mature and reliable. Only the high quality service quality and first-class service level can truly win the trust and recognition of customers. Only by personally standing in the customer's perspective, solving problems for customers, such enterprises In order to be able to develop for a long time, it will be more humanized. Innovation brings substantial value to customers, so that their needs are met, and the service brings spiritual comfort and warmth to customers, so that their spiritual level is respected and their rights are better protected. Therefore, a successful brand must have innovative ability and excellent service level, and only such a brand can really grow bigger and longer.

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