Tailored 2012 spring consumer digital camera shopping guide

Faced with the dizzying array of digital camera products on the market, many consumers feel at a loss. When they hear the camera's high parameters, new technologies, and new concepts are swayed by the flicker, not to mention the users who are first-time users are more likely to be misled and thus impulsive. I bought a digital camera that is not suitable for myself. In fact, for users who purchase cameras for the first time, as long as they are clear about their needs and preferences, choosing the digital camera that suits them is easy!
Outdoor adventurer must-have: three anti-four digital cameras
"Infinity scenery in the dangerous peak." For those who like outdoor sports and adventure, it is a top priority to photograph themselves or beautiful scenery anytime, anywhere. In this process, the digital camera was thrown into the water. Therefore, the cameras they need must be able to withstand water, cold, drop, dust and other tests. A three- and four-defense digital camera is most suitable for them.
At present, there are not many waterproof and drop-proof digital cameras, among which BenQ's four-defender digital camera LM100 is the most typical. It has 5 meters waterproof, -10 degrees cold, 1.5 meters drop, dust four functions, can still easily shoot in harsh environments. The BenQ LM100 has been tested in nine major tests including drop, wear, and scratch resistance, including car rolling, tank agitation, and refrigerator freezing. In the camera function and technology, BenQ LM100 can achieve 720P HD video, 1CM macro shooting, 35 kinds of photography modes and LOMO, Internet auctions, panoramic stitching, color enhancement, glamorous mode, fish-eye mode and other fun sharing shooting mode, can Satisfy most of the shooting needs.

Underwater photography is just as exciting

Play big vision favorite: telephoto digital camera

Many people like some landscapes with wide vision, and they are constantly "cultivating" their own photographic techniques, but they cannot afford to face high professional equipment. In this case, telephoto cameras became the best choice for them.

Looking at the domestic digital camera market, there are many telephoto products. However, it is mainly monopolized by Japanese manufacturers and the prices are relatively high. Benji, a domestic manufacturer, reversed this situation. This first domestic 21XCMOS telephoto camera, the GH700, was recognized by the media and users upon its launch. Its ultra-high price/performance ratio makes it easy for countless photographers.

BenQ, with its ten-year commitment to the development and exploration of the digital camera industry, launched the GH700 at the end of 2011 and attracted attention from the market. It is based on the country's leading Vivideo digital imaging platform, including high-speed image processing, high-light sensor, high-definition and low-distortion lens, and true color display. It can experience the joy and touch of telephoto at any time, including long shots and night views. The GH700 uses a 16-megapixel BSICMOS high-sensitivity device, which doubles the sensitivity of traditional photo-sensing devices and significantly reduces noise to 50%. It is equipped with a 21x high-performance Konica Minolta zoom lens, 25mm ultra-wide-angle lens, 1cm focus distance, so that you can bring impeccable clarity and vividness whether in front of the scene or far away in the sky.

Super clear visual effects

Most Feel Women: Touch Screen Camera

Women's unique sensibility and exquisiteness make them unique preferences when choosing a digital camera. Appearance is fashionable, body should be slim, operation should be simple, shooting mode should be rich..... For this type of user, BenQ touch screen digital camera LT100 is a good choice.

Touch screen operation is the biggest feature of the LT100. For many women, complicated operations and manuals do not have much value. They prefer to control them in a perceptual manner. Through the touch screen, pointing and clicking can be completed. All natural and elegant. Pretentious.

From the appearance of the figure, the BenQ LT100 is also the heart of beauty-conscious women. Its stylish and beautiful, gorgeous red, with a gray body frame and the same color of the lens, the atmosphere is elegant. The LT100's slim and compact body not only looks more stylish, but also makes it easier for petite women to carry it.

Thin and light and more stylish

Art Fan favors "art" in camera

In the era of small fresh, popular literature, elegant, natural, simple, detachable, quiet photos more and more sought after, too repulsed traditional LOMO camera film cumbersome, want a quick and easy camera with numerous beautiful pictures, BenQ AE115 is a representative. It has dozens of art style shooting modes such as black-and-white sketching, LOMO mode, watercolor art, splicing, etc., making people become masters of painting and photography, and have completed highly artistic shooting works.

The AE115 monochrome sketch mode creates a nostalgic, pure artistic space between simple black and white lines. The watercolor art model can express its own unique aesthetics and vision through sensibility and personalized color. Color effects mode can add special color effects to photos or videos. The color enhancement mode allows you to select a specific color to highlight your photo, and the background becomes a black and white image. In short, the camera has become a brush here, you can sway the colors, build your own art world.

At the same time, BenQ's Starlight Machine LS200 has a similar twist. It provides panoramic photography and starburst, mosaic, negative effects and other fun styles. Similar photographs of street lights, stage lights, and sunlight with the star effect are often seen in film and television works. Based on the Starlight effect shooting mode of the BenQ Starlight Machine LS200, you immediately realize it in your hands. The mosaic effect allows you to create your own personalized photos; negative effects highlight the individual images with contrast.

For users who purchase digital cameras for the first time, the most important thing is probably not to know too much professional knowledge, but to clarify and sort out their own needs. After all, "The fit is really good."

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