Expert advice: buy furniture also has to "see and ask"

In the visit to the home store, the reporter found that the dealers generally have confusion about the content of the label, the most important is the labeling of the main material and auxiliary materials. In contrast, in the complaints of consumers, the concept of business stealing is a relatively concentrated issue. For example, the consumer was told that a certain item was solid wood, and it was found after buying it. When it was compared with the business theory, it was also told that the frame of the product was solid wood, and the panel and back plate were high-density boards, but they were also attached with solid wood. skin. Today's businesses are no longer a fake, fuzzy concept has become a common trick. So, how is the theme of 3.15 “Consumption and Safety” implemented in the furniture industry this year? What kind of tricks are hidden in the process of buying furniture? Should consumers be wary? To this end, the reporter visited the Tianjin Home Circulation Industry Association (funding), and Deputy Secretary-General Yin Fulong gave an extended interpretation of the safety issues in the furniture industry. At the same time, consumers should pay attention to the details of the details when purchasing goods.

Business integrity is the guarantee of consumer safety

The new edition of "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture" (GB/T3324-2008) jointly issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision and the National Standardization Administration has clearly stated that "solid wood furniture", "wooden panel furniture" and "comprehensive wood furniture" have been carried out. The specific definition, the furniture manufacturer's production and consumer purchases have therefore been authoritative guidance. In fact, for the laymen's consumers, it is not easy to figure out the situation. For judging what is solid wood furniture, Yin Fulong's words are: "As long as one of the substrates is used, it is a wood-based panel." All other uses are solid wood, and can not be called solid wood furniture, which is what we often say.

Referring to "consumption and safety", Yin Fulong believes: "In addition to the release of toxic and harmful gases on our surface, more should focus on the integrity of the business, confusion of product concepts is a common problem in the consumption process. If the industry can be self-disciplined and the people can understand the consumption clearly, then the problem of consumption and security will be solved."

Yin Fulong also stressed that: 3C for home appliances, furniture must have "three certificates", that is, business license, provincial quality certificate and product instruction manual. The business license is the most basic. The quality inspection certificate indicates the unit to be inspected. The product instruction manual is the birth certificate of the product, which indicates the important information such as the origin of the furniture. This "three certificates" is good for the consumer's safe consumption. The first pass.

Buying furniture also has to "look, smell, ask, cut"

Yin Fulong believes that consumers must have their own set of methods when purchasing furniture. For the shopping guide, you can't let it go. The four diagnoses of "looking, smelling, asking, and cutting" of Chinese medicine practitioners can basically understand the general situation of a product.

The so-called "looking" is to watch the appearance. After determining the style you need, the first thing is to observe the material of the product. For the panel furniture, the edge banding is very important. Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the edge-sealing material, pay attention to whether the edge banding is uneven or lifted. Special attention should be paid to whether it is sealed on all sides, that is, formaldehyde-free adhesive is used, but the artificial board has more or less volatile gas during the production process, and the sealing is strict and environmentally friendly. benefit.

Second, it depends on the firmness of the furniture structure. Look at the gap between the door and the drawer of the furniture. The large gap indicates that the work is rough, and the time will be deformed; the second one is a double box or a double box. Usually, in addition to the outer layer of the board, there should be a layer of panels inside the furniture. This is called a double box, so that the furniture is beautiful and solid.

Again, it is the quality of the paint. Does the pigment have streaks or bubbles? Is the pigment in the corner position too thick? These need to be carefully reviewed.

Fourthly, it can be seen from the hinge groove and the eye-catching area that the panel furniture material is a medium-density board or a particle board, and the place where the internal structure is exposed can be discerned. The freely disassemblable combination is the biggest advantage of panel furniture. Therefore, the quality of hardware is closely related to the quality of the whole furniture. Imported furniture is expensive on these details.

For solid wood furniture, wood grain and knots are the secrets of discrimination. The front side of the solid wood has a corresponding wood grain, optimistic about the location of the scar side, and then find the corresponding wood grain on the other side. Find out what kind of wood is made of wood, which directly affects the price and quality. For example, Yin Fulong said: “There are often merchants who label the label as South American black walnut, but which country is South America, there are still many examples of such irregular labels, so consumers must not be fooled by the business in this regard.”

"Smell", very simple, is to smell a pungent smell. At this time, consumers can ask the merchant to provide product inspection and testing certificate, to know whether the formaldehyde emission is excessive, and the formaldehyde emission should not exceed 1.5mg/L.

"Q" is to ask the guide. Learn as much as possible about the details of the product, for example, whether the material is natural wood or sheet, the origin is native or Guangdong, the quality grade is qualified or A-grade, the amount of formaldehyde released, and so on.

"Cut" is actually touching. Touching the touch of the hand is good, smooth and smooth.

The concept of consumption on both sides of solid wood and plate is extremely extreme

Yin Fulong said that the environmental protection of solid wood furniture is actually relative. From a traditional point of view, consumers think that solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly than wood-based furniture. But in fact, from the perspective of protecting the overall environment, the production of solid wood furniture requires the cutting down of a large amount of wood, which is more destructive to the environment. If artificial panel furniture can guarantee the environmental protection of the process, such as more rigid edge sealing, and the multi-layer protection of the coating prevents the overflow of formaldehyde, it is rich in high utilization rate, high productivity, more energy saving, low cost, and changes in style and color. Other advantages will surely become the mainstream direction of furniture products.

Finally, Yin Fulong reminds consumers that they must ask for the bill: when buying furniture, they must sign a uniform contract for the shopping mall, and there must be a red stamp for the merchant. In the future, there will be a legal basis for disputes; in addition, be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions. Clearly understand the model and specifications of the furniture, consumers should also make full use of the retention clause under the contract. In short, the more detailed the agreement, the better.

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