Super simple teaches you to draw a golden ratio eyebrow

It is easy to make people feel troubled eyebrows, a painting is not good, the entire make-up is ruined! Therefore, the correct eyebrow makeup skills must be thoroughly and carefully learned, and can effectively strengthen the eye power.

Natural wind

“Natural wind and thick eyebrows” is the real makeup trend!

The popularity of the eyebrows has reached the era of thick eyebrows! Even the female stars and the big makeup images are also replaced with fashionable eyebrows. Hurry up CHECK this trend!

Natural wind rough eyebrows 2

Natural wind rough eyebrows skill 2 - frame the eyebrows and start filling the gap

For those who don't know how to paint eyebrows, it is recommended to use the eyebrow pencil to draw the lines according to the brows, eyebrows, and eyebrows described above, and then start to draw eyebrows.