Evaluation: 典雅 about elegant pull fans 127 frame glass partition door


La Fan 127 frame glass partition door looks very atmospheric, the surface of the solid wood texture paint treatment, highlighting the modern natural wind. Fully transparent glass is very permeable and can be used as a partition in the study, living room, balcony, etc. The middle of the diamond separation and embossing treatment adds a graceful and elegant concept to the door.


The pull glass 127 frame glass partition door is all made of flat glass, which has better permeability than embossed glass and coated glass. The flat glass partition door has a wide visual effect and high lightness. It can be used for partitioning in the kitchen and balcony. However, due to its lack of privacy, it is not recommended to use a sanitary partition.


The diamond-shaped partition in the middle of the sliding door divides the door into upper and lower parts, which not only has a more delicate appearance, but also has safety considerations. The fully transparent state of the flat glass is likely to cause "disregarding" the glass and directly hit it. The diamond separation can undoubtedly serve as a safety reminder.


The fan 127 frame glass partition door profile is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy material. It is made by 12 steps of Canadian technology. The surface is painted and never fades. The door lock fitted with this sliding door is also very simple, and it can be simply fixed in the room. The door lock is vertical and can be used as a handle, or it can directly push and pull the diamond partition.

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