The new national standard of mahogany furniture will not be cleared within the three-year guarantee period.

Recently, it was learned that in accordance with the mandatory standard of the country on August 1, 2012, the general technical conditions for mahogany furniture (the effect of mahogany furniture decoration) (GB28010-2011), six months from the date of the introduction of the standard, all The sales of mahogany furniture must meet the new standards, otherwise sales are prohibited. This means that after February 1, 2013, mahogany furniture must be labeled "1 book, 1 card, 1 card" for sale.

According to industry insiders, this new rule is a triple guarantee for the identity and quality of mahogany furniture, and it is also a means to clarify the brand's true information on mahogany furniture, which will effectively reduce the risk of consumer purchase.

The mahogany furniture new national standard with three guarantees part of the mahogany furniture "1 book 1 card 1 certificate" is ready

In the “1 book 1 card 1 certificate” that is mandatory for merchants in the new national standard of mahogany furniture, we can see a lot of real information that was previously “hidden”.

For example, whether the product has passed the inspection of the relevant department, the classification, name, specification, date of manufacture, main materials, decoration process, safety and warranty period of the products used; and detailed instructions on the use of the product.

The above information will undoubtedly help consumers to understand consumption clearly and restrict the mahogany furniture market that has been in a state of chaos.

Although the new standard requires the target date to be February 1 next year, the "Guangsha Times" was found in the Redwood Hall on the fifth floor of the Lize store in the home of the hotel last weekend. At present, some mahogany furniture brands have completed the task ahead of schedule.

Allied mahogany furniture is affixed with "product quality express card" for each piece of mahogany furniture, and the information required by the new national standard is indicated on the card.

Pan Haiying, the general manager of Youlian Redwood, said that the new national standard has no format requirements for the content of the "express card", so the work of unifying the format, beautifying the appearance, checking the information and entering the information is complicated.

In addition, Qingmutang modern (modern decoration renderings) Oriental furniture has also been in accordance with the new national standard requirements, the "book card certificate" is complete.

The store said that the failure of the mahogany furniture within the deadline will be "cleared"

There are more than four months from the date when the new standard for mahogany furniture is implemented. However, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to match the "1 book 1 card 1 card", so some small and medium-sized mahogany furniture brands have started " The idea of ​​crossing the sea.

In this regard, Ren Cheng, the vice president of the Real Estate and the store manager of Lize Store, said that the store will urge the brand to act according to regulations. The Redwood City Hall of Lize's House has gathered more than a dozen mahogany brands from all over the country. Therefore, it will also become the focus of the “Redemption” of the new national standard after the implementation of the new national standard.

Ren Cheng said that Lize Store will complete a self-inspection of the mahogany furniture brand before December 31, 2012. When the brand does not meet the requirements, the "1 book 1 card 1 card" will give a warning. If it has not been improved as of February 1, 2013, it will be "exited".

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