8 steps to create a supernatural makeup fake natural beauty

  I believe that every woman wants to hear others praise their skin, many MM will want to put on makeup   The traces are hidden, but they are inadvertently painted and thicker, but they have the effect of covering them. Losing the texture of the skin, especially in the autumn and winter, if the makeup is too thick, you can't create a light and thin skin. Today, teach everyone to easily create a natural makeup in 8 steps. .

It is not difficult to make a flawless skin makeup. The most difficult thing is to give people a feeling of natural beauty. In the end, how to draw will naturally be studied below.

The position of the T-shaped part, the cheek apple muscle and the mandible are widely applied with a brush. Most of the skin textures in these areas are relatively flat, and are painted in a wide range in the same direction. The color is uniform and the effect will be very natural. The remaining nose and lips And the position of the eye area requires a partial concealment with a sponge point.

8 steps to create a supernatural makeup, fake natural beauty

Select the bristles with elastic hardness, apply radiation from the center of the face to help the skin to create a uniform skin tone. The more obvious pores are covered with a brush, and other such as dark circles, acne scars and spots are sponged to absorb the foundation. Partial compression, like using concealer, can achieve 80% concealer effect, a specific supernatural makeup step.

8 steps to create a supernatural makeup, fake natural beauty

Step1: Apply smear or cream to the entire face to moisturize the skin and brighten the skin.

Step2: Use your fingers to spread radially from the inside out. Use your palm temperature to warm your face and make it look better.

8 steps to create a supernatural makeup, fake natural beauty

Step3: When the foundation brush is applied to the foundation cream or liquid foundation, gently drag it in a circular motion. The amount of the half face is diluted.

Step4: Brush outwards with the eyes as the center. According to the direction of the arrow in the figure, the brush will be used to make the texture natural and the traces of the paint are not visible.

8 steps to create a supernatural makeup, fake natural beauty

Step5: After finishing the makeup on the cheek, using a sponge to make the makeup more uniform, and at the same time, it has a good covering effect on the large pores.

Step6: Forehead, nose, and chin, use the foundation to paint the small round ground powder, which is also a large area brush.>>>   Mastering 3 eye makeup tips can also be against the sky

8 steps to create a supernatural makeup, fake natural beauty

Step7: Check if there are any flaws on the face, or small lines, use a sponge or fingertips to cover the mask with a little concealer.

Step8: After finishing the foundation and concealer, brush the powder to fix the makeup, so that you can keep the temperament of "natural beauty" for a whole day.

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