The main points of environmental protection wardrobe purchase

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the improvement of consumers' environmental awareness, when choosing a wardrobe , environmental health is a major criterion for their purchase. From which aspects can it be judged whether a wardrobe is environmentally friendly?

Sheet and sheet grade

When everyone is decorating, the most fear is that formaldehyde is excessive, because formaldehyde may cause cancer. To do the whole wardrobe environmental protection, safety, it is best with E0 class like comparing health and environmental protection plate. The formaldehyde emission of E0 grade board is ≤0.5mg/L. Now the more common board is E1 grade, and now many powerful corporate wardrobe brands have begun to use E0 sheet. Because E0 grade boards are the least released from formaldehyde, they are considered to be the healthiest boards. Of course, the price of the wardrobe is a little more expensive than the price of the E1 board. Here to remind the owners, is not to say that E0 grade plates are not released by formaldehyde, there are, but few, as small as can be ignored.

Sheet veneer

The veneer of the wardrobe sheet is preferably covered with melamine because it is wear-resistant, water-resistant and beautiful. Here, the melamine panel will not be harmful. Because the melamine panel is formed by impregnating melamine glue on the panel paper, it is cured by high temperature and high pressure, and there is basically no volatile harmful component after curing.

There are also some panels that look good, because they are affixed with espresso and ornate paper, or solid wood. This is good-looking, but not very environmentally friendly, because you have to paint a layer of paint on it. The paint must volatilize formaldehyde. If the paint quality is a little worse, the formaldehyde will be very strong, the wardrobe will not be environmentally friendly, and it will also affect the overall environmental quality of the home.

Edge banding

Why is the edge of the wardrobe important? Because the sealing is good, it can prevent the formaldehyde from escaping. Second, if the closet of the wardrobe is firm, fine and beautiful, the overall wardrobe will definitely look good, and the service life of the wardrobe can be extended. If the wardrobe is to be sealed, it can only be done with a large machine, so only the relatively large wardrobe manufacturers have this strength. Small factories are all artificially sealed, no matter whether it is aesthetic or quality, it must not be compared with the big factory.

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