Henney Bear Hennessy Bear Bloom 2016 China Apparel & Fashion Fair

October 11, 2016, Chinese Clothing & Accessories Fair (autumn) in Shanghai kicked off the National Exhibition Center, in the apparel industry communication platform, Henney Bear Hennessey Cubs also bring their exciting debut of new series for us with To a new fashion trend it! Henney Bear Hennessy Bear debut 2016chic, although the layout of the entire booth color is not publicized, but the overall design is very simple and generous personality, the details are everywhere to highlight the refined sense of the brand logo in the plain white striped background against the background Appear eye-catching cute, booth an array of new luggage series is full of childlike, brought us a different luggage experience. Henney Bear Hennessy Bear is original personality is the real personality, style, comfortable, young and full of artistic sense in this era full of copy - paste - forwarding, the original design to show the true art of living, brought us a new look , Then if you also want to go to the scene to experience a different world of luggage, hurry to take advantage of the show to take a quick look!