Re-think TAG HEUER v4 from the principle

Since 2004, every time we report to TAG HEUER, we always pay attention to V4, TAG HEUER also ceremoniously report the progress of development every year; but to be honest, our expectations have become wait and see for five years, so Even today V4 has been formally made, it still feels unreal. The so-called "Belt-drive = Belt" is the core concept of the V4; from the mechanics of mechanical watch construction - the intermeshing between gears thoroughly rethinks. "Think Again", which is R & D is the most important, but also the most lacking attitude. While interviewing TAGHEUER president Jean-Christophe Babin at the Basel show in April, although he enthusiastically introduced their latest Monaco Twenty-four and Aquaracer, editors often could not help but steal the corner of the table That V4. Babin said at that time that the mechanical part of the V4 was completed and only the decorative part was left. It is scheduled to be available by the end of 2009. Now this check is honored, but if you look back, it is actually a forward check that you have spent five years fulfilling. Because too long, the planning itself is too difficult, even Philippe Dufour who has been involved in planning have clearly told President Babin, "Want to make V4 products spend too much money, need too much patience . "Because the whole atmosphere has become so conservative, when the editor really got the V4 listing of news information, the touch on the hands actually full of unrealistic. In fact Monaco V4 at the beginning of the publication is purely conceptual form, and no market plan, but after the release V4 swept all that year's watch and clock awards, design awards, professional media evaluation, so enthusiastic response finally let V4 Moved up. From the concept of the market to market products, one of the many amendments to the place is indeed a lot, if the early 2004 V4 used to compare with the present, in addition to the overall impression is somewhat similar to the outside seems to be essentially two tables. In the actual structure, the first generation of the use of 13 belts, after evaluating the transmission efficiency and life expectancy, the product version only used 5 belts; the first generation of escapement using Dufour's Simplicity screw balance wheel, although the product version to change Became a common three-spoke balance wheel, but the escape wheel is linked to four wheel gear, technology, higher density. From this point of view, V4 five years of development effort is very solid. However, until now, the editor still did not know what to expect from the watch. The belt was indeed a subversive design, but it was obviously not cost-effective to replace the traditional gear drive. Even TAG HEUER should Will only be used in a limited number of tables, and the belt life, warranty and other issues also need some time to observe. But in any case editors are still like the value of the V4 symbol, it is a "Think Again" spirit, and this is the most important R & D, but also the most lacking attitude. [DETAIL 01] Belt-drive = drive belt The so-called "Belt-drive = Belt" is the core concept of the V4. It does not straighten out the heart of the mechanical watch structure like the escapement improvement, but it is based on the principle of mechanical watch structure - the meshing between the gears Thoroughly rethink. That rethinking, in fact, is a reference to the car engine drive mode; linked with a drive to bring two gear, instead of direct engagement gear teeth. No direct contact between gears, there is no friction problems, but also at the two ends of the substrate gear can also be linked by a belt, without a large gear or more intermediary wheels, so that the wheel arrangement more freedom. ▲ The principle of mechanical watch structure was established Meshing between gears, thoroughly re-thinking [DETAIL 02] As a special human hair made of rubber V4 of the five belts, two in the table back, responsible for the transmission from the winding mechanism to the power between the barrel; three in the front, is responsible for transmission between the wheel. The two groups of transmission belts are not the same. The material of the drive belt is Polyether Block Amide, which is a type of rubber, but its elasticity, shock absorption and fatigue cycle are stronger than those of ordinary rubber. The diameter of the drive belt is only 0.07mm, which is smaller than that of ordinary people. mm of Micro Wire (Micro Wire), to increase the body strength. [DETAIL 03] Linear winding mechanism with four barrel V4 on the chain with a weight of 12 grams of tungsten weight, between the two pairs of clockwork back and forth between the clockwork back and forth winding; this linear winding mechanism in the publication of 2004 is indeed quite fresh , But V4's development period is too long, leading HARRY WINSTON's Tourbillon Glissiere but first pre-made in 2007. Two pairs of barrel independent, respectively, in order to transmit the table is responsible for the transmission of the two belts linked to their own two laps; belt in addition to two barrels will also bypass a pulley fixed by eccentric screws, as long as With eccentric screw to change the position of the pulley can adjust the belt tension. [DETAIL 04] Linked to the escape wheel drive belt In order to imitate the engine's V-shaped cylinder, the two pairs of barrel at a camber angle of 13 degrees respectively; the top of the two barrel through the substrate linked to the front of a car, from the front also see a car around Two linked wheels slightly tilted. Power from a car, the middle of the second plywood car passed three o'clock three-car, three-car and small seconds under the four-speed car started with the belt linked move, then four car to six o'clock intermediary Wheels, intermediaries turn between the escapement wheel also used a drive belt. As for the transmission even to the escapement of the most violent drive, with or without special place is unknown. [DETAIL 05] "V4" is the movement, but also the table V4 in fact does not matter "movement", "table" of the difference; movement is the table, the table is the movement, the official data there is no independent movement map. Then from the "watch" point of view, V4 is a hollow table, the front of the splint with hair lines, chamfer polished; if you play a little imagination, V4 actually let the editor think of CREDOR's small self-timer . The front and rear side mirrors are from the very beginning, and the same design applies to the Monaco LS and Twenty-four. At present, the factory does not deny Belt-drive the future may also appear in Carrera and other series. ▲ Monaco V4 950 platinum material / V4 self-winding movement / hours, minutes and seconds display / sapphire crystal mirror, transparent bottom cover / watch diameter 39.0 × 48.9mm / limited 150 This article is reprinted from the world's high-quality goods, if you have any questions, please send an email to to contact us.