Small Goodies | KLASSE 14 Designed to react chemically

Said a long time to refuse to hit the table, so tiny square in the end of the design space to play in the end how much tricks? Remove the logo, you and my wrist time tools really look just the same? The small niche to introduce today is the Italian design KLASSE 14 , which is not just a watch brand, but a platform for designers, artists, and all kinds of interesting people to design and create unique and personal Watch. KLASSE 14 watch brand Inspiration team members Inspired team members from KLASSE 14, including Italian architect and designer Alessandro and Mario Nobile; Ivy Zhu from Taiwan; Dan Tomimatsu, born in Tokyo; Australian contemporary visual artist Timothy John; and a Family-run fashion brand Bencivenga, among others. Although you can not remember these names just like me, just look at the introduction and know that the products of this brand must be the stuff that crosses the N-world, with various industries mixed together and can produce wonderful chemical reactions . In many KLASSE 14 series, focusing VOLARE recommended a series of a lot of explosion models. This collection is very well recognized for its distinctive concave dial design . VOLARE is the meaning of "fly", the designer inspired by the wings of the eagle, the dial is designed to be conical, while the pointer is also folded into a certain curvature, the design concept is to make the dial to capture sunlight from all directions. KLASSE 14 VOLARE series of concave dial Instagram on the sun are with a small minority literary feeling There are also the most popular 2017 models of grass green table VOLARE series, this rainbow sold very well, captured the hearts of a female ticket There are pet models, Meng my brother Simple design, neutral style, so KLASSE 14 VOLARE watch series is very wild. Stacked with other accessories are also completely style online. VOLARE series of men are quite classic, still worry about New Year's gift, then know how to choose it. A variety of styles are readily available Is not knocking type Well, want to buy a couple table can look at other people's style, men and women with the same paragraph, and a beloved person hit. This article is reproduced, does not represent the world position of million table.