European watch brand limited watch or will enter the domestic auction market

Not long ago, a big watch in the auction upset Let watch collection become a hot topic in the investment community, people watch the value of the collection also began to conduct in-depth discussion, the blessing of the blessing, this fluctuation after the wrist Table investment market has entered a period of rational investment, so as the United States and France, Paris, the United States and many other well-known MATZO PARIS old brand optimistic about the current situation in the domestic market, plans to generous some precious watch over the market test Water auction. In the wave of investment rising day by day, big name watches have also become a hot spot, but at a large auction recently, a major brand watch auction price has shrunk so that many ready to wait and see investors began to wait and see. Insiders commented that the shrinking watch auction woke up everyone watch investment fanaticism and blindness, many investors and collectors began to watch the investment value of a depth study, the fiery wrist outside The investment boom started to cool and gradually began to shift in a more rational direction. It is reported that in this year's Sotheby's spring auction, Patek Philippe a 1998 system REF. 5029P three questions table, with commissions totaling 557,000 Swiss francs about RMB 3.7 million yuan contract, the watch models platinum material, three questions function, automatic winding watch, limited edition 10, to commemorate the opening of the Patek Philippe factory release. Hong Kong Christie's exquisite watches auction the highest price of the top three are also all Patek Philippe took the first is the four models of 5004 Patek Philippe platinum watch, released in 1995, is now discontinued, with Wanli, chasing the timing Features, black diamond dial, moon phase, 24-hour and leap year show, the transaction price of 3.79 million. In fact, the most collectable value of the watches are often limited edition custom watch or is discontinued antique watches, the core value of these watches lies in their movement and design content. According to artistic American economist Gotha Huber: "If you measure the productivity of an artist in terms of the dollar amount, you will find that the most attractive artists make the most money." It is a well-known fact that only works of intrinsic intrinsic value have a collectible value Similarly, as a watch, not all works of art, and only its rich culture, historical imprint and a lot of brand value, the collectible value will be higher. However, after the upturn of the watch auction, the collection of watches in the country started to change in a rational direction. This shift was followed by the attention of old European brands such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Paris Grand Mercure. They also started to plan some Limited-class watches and domestic auction cooperation, into the domestic watch collection market. Today, the watch collection market in China began to develop in a rational collection direction. Collectors began to pay attention to the artistic value and cultural connotation of the lottery, and the chief of the MATZO PARIS in Paris, France, said that they have been very optimistic about the watch collection market in China. This is precisely the core of their brand, so they recently plan to contact some high-end auction houses in China to take the brand's antique watches and limited-class watches to the domestic market to test the water auction.