Jordan "Made in China" perfect turn "China to create"

Jordan (China) Co., Ltd. together with the China Fashion Association co-sponsored the "Jordan Cup" 4th China Sports Equipment Design Competition on November 4, 2009 at the Beijing Hotel was held. The competition aims to promote the national mobilization of Chinese national sports in the field of sports design, effectively conform to the spirit of the Olympic Games, fully reflect the brand concept of "tailored specifically for Chinese consumers" by Jordan and create a more favorable brand image. Based on the Universiade concerned about youth sports The contest fully demonstrated the design talents of outstanding contestants both at home and abroad, incorporating the fashion design concepts and sports culture, as well as the scientific and technological content of sports equipment into the product design. On the basis of inheriting the concept of "Specially tailored for Chinese consumers" of the first three competitions, the biggest highlight of this contest is that organizer Jordan continued the concern about the development of youth sports and provided for the entries Must have a set of "26th World University Summer Games Chinese delegation to receive awards shoes and apparel" as the theme of the work. This marks the "Jordan Cup" China's sports equipment design competition is gradually moving into the ranks of international design competition. "Who mastered the present, who mastered the future," Jordan (China) Co., Ltd. General Manager Ni Zhennian told reporters, "This contest aims at the World University Games receive the award shoes and apparel, not only reflects the current trend of sports fashion, Will also lead the fashion style of the future.Jordan company will be science and technology innovation, the pursuit of excellence to create professional professional, fashion, first-class award-winning equipment for Chinese college students to create a unique national glory and pride of the award clothing. Fashion design and event technology perfect combination According to the organizers of Jordan, the relevant responsible person introduced Jordan since the contest in April public call for information, received from 22 countries and regions sportswear works and footwear works 865 copies, after industry-renowned designers, well-known clothing at home and abroad Academy professors, authoritative professional media representatives careful review, July 16, the preliminary results of the competition announced in Beijing, a total of 20 sportswear works and 21 footwear works from 16 regions including Japan and the United Kingdom, respectively Finalist this "Jordan Cup" Design Competition finals. In the November 4 showcase, many senior fashion designers, authoritative professional media representatives are amazed at the entries. Participants in this event design high level, a wide range of participation, the degree of specialization than in previous years. Participants from design, development to every aspect of creation to fully consider the Chinese body size, foot shape and exercise habits, organic combination of human body mechanics and engineering principles. In the trend of international sports equipment closely linked at the same time, to achieve a full range of events and science and technology fit. Pay attention to echelon design personnel training Since its inception, the "Jordan Cup" China Sporting Equipment Design Competition has become recognized as a sports design competition covering a wide range and high gold content in the industry and has won recognition and response from all walks of life. Since the contest was held in 2006, a total of thousands of entries from hundreds of units and individuals across the country have been received. From these works, "Jordan" saw the contestants who are grasping the functionality, ornamental and whole of the design work Coordination has a more substantial increase. At the same time, Jordan (China) Co., Ltd. is also more hope that through the "Jordan Cup China Sports Equipment Design Competition" for Jordan (China) R & D center to explore more of its own international design talents in China to enhance China's overall sports equipment design Level. Ni Zhennian, general manager of Jordan (China) Co., Ltd., said: "We are convinced that only designers from China can understand the real needs of Chinese consumers in depth. Therefore, we will explore and cultivate the Chinese sportswear industry through this competition. Excellent design talent; the international sportswear into the concept of advanced equipment for Chinese consumers to create sports equipment, forging the real Chinese sports products for consumers. " "Made in China" to "create in China" perfect turn around Cao Ping, an analyst at Beijing Daluoxue Consulting Co., said: "There is a deeper meaning for Jordan to host the China Sports Equipment Design Competition. In the post-Olympic era, domestic sports brands are gradually out of the homogenization of competition, continue to expand their own advantages in their respective segments. In particular, the decrease in demand in overseas markets caused by the financial crisis has accelerated the transformation of sports brands from "Made in China" to "Created in China." As a forerunner and representative manufacturer of "Made in China" in the sporting goods industry, Jordan held such competitions not only expanded its own brand influence but also expanded its design capabilities. According to report, according to the reporter, in the past three competitions, 80% of the winners entered the competition after Jordan (China) Co., Ltd. engaged in the design and other related work. And Jordan (China) Co., Ltd. also under the young designers in the cultivation of sufficient effort, for them to fully provide exchange, study and other learning opportunities, to provide a good platform. Focus on corporate social responsibility Jordan also said that the future of Jordan, but also in line with the community, with the concept of society, pursuing the "tailored specifically for Chinese consumers," the purpose, the constant pursuit of excellence, committed to the common Chinese sports Rejuvenation and growth of the industry, is committed to creating a very competitive brand for centuries, and to promote China's sportswear industry, China's garment industry contributed to the vigorous development of a corporate social responsibility. Background information: "Jordan" hand in hand with the World University Games As the exclusive sponsor of the 24th Winter Universiade and a leader in sports equipment, Jordan (China) Co., Ltd. provided a total of more than 25 million sports events to organizing officials, staff, information journalists, athletes, referees and volunteers Shoes and suits and equipment, while the 24th Winter Universiade Chinese delegation, the Russian delegation are dressed in "Jordan" to provide sports shoes and suits came to the stage. Jordan also formed a strategic cooperation partner with China University Sports Association and became the exclusive sponsor of the 25th and 26th World University Summer Games Chinese delegation partners and sports equipment, which made "Jordan" brand value once again Has been a strong improvement.