How to choose entry watch

"Watch Forum" and "Time Art" publisher, "South East Asia's first play table" Zhong Yonglin once said: "The watch does not wear is not experience it is good, I advocate close contact with the table, not just in the window Look in the watch. Watch to have a relationship with people. " In formal social occasions, the watch is often regarded as jewelry, for usually only a ring can wear a jewelry men, the watch is much attention. Some people even emphasize that "watches are not only men's jewelry, but also men's most important jewelry." In Western countries, watches and pens, lighters, was once known as the adult man's "treasure" is every man Must not leave the body. As with jewelry, watches worn by people on social occasions often reflect their status, status and wealth. Therefore, in the interpersonal relationships people wear watches, especially men's watches, mostly attracted people's attention. To wear a watch to be correct, naturally first understand the watch, and good at choosing a watch. Select the watch, often should pay attention to its type, style, shape, color, pattern, function and other six aspects of the problem. Category: According to the standard, watches can be divided into many different types. In social situations, people generally distinguish their species by price. According to this standard, watches can be divided into luxury watches, luxury watches, mid-range watches, low-grade watches and other four categories. In terms of current prices, the price of luxury watches in more than 100,000 yuan, high-grade table in 5000 to 20,000 yuan, mid-range table in two thousand to five thousand dollars, low-grade table in five hundred to two thousand dollars . Select the specific types of watches, we must first of all ability, do not do anything. In addition, but also take into account personal occupation, appearance occasions, the object of engagement and other selected at the same time, a series of other relevant factors. Style: Watches are roughly divided into the formal table, jewelry watches and sports watches three styles. Dress table styles are more traditional, suitable for work or travel time to wear. Jewelery watches have always been a lady's heart, but in recent years, more and more men's attention, especially in Chengdu, with a man with diamonds that significantly better than without the popular models. The sports watch as the name suggests is the sport, leisure time to wear. However, with the trend of development, the sports watch has also been used by many men to dress the match. Function: At present, power reserve, two time zones and watch with diving function are more concerned by consumers. Power reserve a long table, you can not daily, and the two time zones are very suitable for business people running around the world, dive watches for regular swimming exercise save a lot of trouble. Some additional features, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, direction, blood pressure, pace and so on, are dispensable and do nothing. In short, the function of the watch less and fine, and have practical value. Shape: The shape of the watch is often related to its value, grade. Watches worn in formal occasions, should be dignified, conservative, avoid weird and trendy in modeling. Men, especially the Venerable, the elderly should pay more attention. Styling, fancy watches, only for girls and children. In general, are round, oval, square, rectangle and diamond watch, because of its shape solemn, conservative, a very wide range of applications, especially suitable for formal occasions. Color: choose to wear a watch in formal occasions, should generally choose monochrome, two-color, three-color or three colors should not choose more than the watch. Whether it is a monochrome watch or two-color watch, its color should be clear, elegant and elegant. Gold watch, silver watch, black watch, that is dial, case, strap are gold, silver, black watch, is the best choice. Gold case, strap, watch the milky white dial, but also can withstand the test of time, at any age to wear will not be out of date. Pattern: In addition to numbers, trademarks, factory name, brand, there is no need to watch other no effect on the pattern. Choose to use for formal occasions watches, in particular, need to bear in mind this point. If the watch on the strange patterns, varied, not only not conducive to use, but may be hiring jokes. How to choose a suitable for their own identity, but also with their own temperament match the watch? Practicality: As the name implies, biased practical people will be very concerned about the watch's functionality and usability. A good exterior design, beautifully crafted movement of the watch, if there is no additional practical features will make them hesitate. But on the other hand, if a three-pinged watch, designed in all respects, has a chronograph function or just a calendar display, he will not hesitate to buy it. Sometimes such people will be as persistent as Big Ben, but this is not a flaw, but "pragmatism" is controlling his final choice. Heidelity: Those who advocate the principle of hedonism are loyal advocates of the credo of "enjoying life with pleasure." In their hearts, the watch is also a mechanical plaything, but also to bring happiness anytime, anywhere. To them, watches have excellent appearance and movement is not enough, but also need some specially designed small organs and small features. With a full range of innovative small organs and small features will capture their hearts the first time. Such a man has an optimistic and cheerful attitude and longs for herself to be shrouded in a halo of luck. With such a mentality, naturally full of confidence, with confidence, it has been successful in half. Decorative: There is a class of table fans, the choice of watches will be more emphasis on the appearance of the watch and its gorgeous degree. In comparison, the usefulness of watches is less important to them. They can allow the watch to be single-functioned, or not attached to the movement, but the look of the watch must be beautiful and gorgeous. Only then will wristwatches shine brilliantly when attending important events, and match noble identities. Someone said: men's jewelry only wedding rings and watches. They agree with this statement, so more emphasis than others on the decorative watch. Watch, also called watch. That is worn on the wrist to timekeeping tools. On social occasions, wearing a watch usually means that the concept of time is strong and the style is rigorous. People who do not wear a watch or who frequently ask people for time are always going to be scornful as it shows their time perception