Charming Dancer - New Athens Big Bright Fire Small Seconds Watch & Hourstriker Pin-up

As you may already know, the appearance of the Athens watch will no longer appear in the Basel watch show, but with the selection of all the watch brands under the Richemont umbrella, as well as many other independent watchmakers, at the Geneva International At the SIHH, we met the world so that the Athens watch became a new force in the participating brand camps that have already begun preheating. Before joining the watch industry for the first time, the brand has released two new timepieces: The elegant and restrained Athenian Classico Gold Enamel Liner Watch, as well as the sexy and sophisticated Hourstriker Pin- up dance queen asked when the watch. Athens Classico 鎏 gold enameled Gui enchase watch As you can see from the name, this Athens Classico gold-plated firework enamelled dial is a fusion of many outstanding features in the design. The first is the case, the appearance of classical and introverted, coupled with the blue disk, looks very elegant, it is refreshing. 40mm size of the diameter, not too big, but enough to enjoy the wrist in the wearer enjoy elegant style. Its case made of stainless steel, it certainly is and "swagger" the word can not get on the relationship, and the use of stainless steel, for the consumers of the purse, it is definitely a good thing. Equipped with a self-developed Cal.UN-320 self-winding movement, the watch uses a silky hairspring and an anchor escapement (Athens table is the pioneer of the use of silicon materials, such as FreakWing odd tourbillon) , Can provide 48 hours of power reserve. In addition to the above elements, the biggest highlight of this watch is the exquisite disk. The dial by the Athens Table Group DonzéCadrans to produce, it is the Athens table enamel plate factory, but also the world-renowned enamel field craftsman class exists. The Athens Classico gold series three-pin watch "Big Bright Fire" enamel plate showing a blue color, in the sunlight will emit a different kind of charm, and this source of charm is due to the guilloche The existence of lines. The brand will be translucent enamel material in a translucent enamelled dish with a radiating wavy pattern on it, after which it is roasted with a fire before finally achieving this unique and exquisite appearance. Athens Hourstriker Pin-up Comedian asked when the watch Sexy and charming dancer This watch is believed to be a favorite of men, because it is the theme of the design of the sexy and charming dancer, combined with two of the brand's advanced watchmaking techniques: the activities of the doll and the function of single inquiry, so do not be the simple appearance Confused. The first thing to say is the word "Hourstriker" in its name, which is a very sophisticated complication, every hour or half hour, or by the wearer pushing the button at 4 o'clock Watch will be accurate timekeeping, but by pressing the button at two o'clock, you can lift the function. This Hourstriker Pin-up comedian asked when the size of the watch is 43mm, the use of the traditional design of the appearance of Athens table, while the brand also offers two styles for consumers to choose from, namely, rose gold style and Platinum style, and each style is limited to 28 only. Glamorous charming dancer The second point to talk about is the interesting features on the watch dial, which is also the highlight of this watch. The brand portrays a sexy dancer and two peacocks facing each other across the surface of the plate by micro-painting. Athens table on this wonderful picture is described as: "glamorous charming dancer in the hairpin on a red flower, sexy high heels sandals, with a charming gesture and charm eyes to tease the immediate audience, blowing shells can be Broken carcass, hidden in the colorful peacock feathers. " Although the micro-painting is beautiful, but it is also a time-consuming and labor-intensive work, the craftsmen who need the Athens watch have to wait for 50 to 90 hours to complete. And even more amazing is that these beautiful designs are actually moving dolls, when the timekeeping function is functioning, the left peacock will follow the dancer perfect carcass, but also with the peacock tail feathers Unfolding, and gradually show ~~~ This article is reproduced, does not represent the world position of million table.